HI Sebastian,

There's a bit of a contrast between this:

> Let's note that P5 is not Roma, and Roma-Web is not Roma-shell script. 
> Roma-shell
> does not require any setup at all, if you have a running bash, xsltproc 
> and trang. Roma-Web
> is much more complex, needing PHP and an eXist server.  P5 needs xsltproc
> (and Perl to clean up) to build schemas and documentation; running all 
> the tests
> and so on needs a little more.

and this:

> Really, this stuff is not supposed to set a barrier in any way. I am 
> perpetually
> surprised that it goes wrong for people!

I suspect "most people" have no idea what bash, xsltproc or trang might 
be. Most of the people working on my TEI projects certainly don't, 
although they can use ROMA to generate a schema, and use it to mark up a 
document. I do actually know some of this stuff, but I regularly move 
between Windows, Mac and Linux machines and VMs at work and home, and I 
need to be able to generate and tweak schemas on all of them. If I'm 
faced with a choice between setting up P5 on all my machines, or setting 
up and running my own server for it, or using ROMA online at the TEI 
site, I'm definitely going for your ROMA online :-).

> What seems to have happened recently is that I used this construct:
> <xsl:key name="ELEMENT-ALPHA" match="tei:elementSpec"
>       use="substring(translate(@ident,$uc,$lc),1,1)"/>
> ie using the "translate" function in a key construct, and predefined
> variables $uc and $lc. This is, by the way, to easily get at all
> elements starting with 'A' or the like. I should stress that this
> is an addon which makes the TEI Guidelines web version
> (forthcoming), not the main stylesheets.
> I was surprised that this caused problems, I must say. Do
> other XSLT mavens here think it is weird?

Without knowing what $uc and $lc are, I don't really know, but you might 
get odd behaviour if they're not the same length when you use them in 

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