Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Wendell Piez wrote:
>> In 2.0 we also have the functions upper-case() and lower-case(), which 
>> are particularly nice. (But I guess until the vendors catch up, that's 
>> still some distance away.)
> quite.  once I depend on 2.0, I depend on Java implementations, and
> that cuts out all the C-based, Perl-based and PHP-based solutions to 
> various stuff.

I have moved all my recent projects over to 2.0; I wish there were more 
than one implementation, but Saxon is very solid, and it's all running 
under Cocoon anyway. 2.0 is such a breeze after all the kludgy 
workarounds you have to do in 1.0.

> imagine life if I had to depend on Cocoon. Shudder.

I do, and I'm not shuddering. Not often, anyway. :-)


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