Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Martin Holmes wrote:
>> I have moved all my recent projects over to 2.0; I wish there were 
>> more than one implementation, but Saxon is very solid, and it's all 
>> running under Cocoon anyway. 2.0 is such a breeze after all the kludgy 
>> workarounds you have to do in 1.0.
> how long did it take you to find all the gotchas when you switched your 
> 1.0 code to run
> in 2.0 mode? was it fairly obvious what to change? I am scared of 
> trying; I worry
> that things will happen differently, but in non-obvious ways.

I don't recall a moment's trouble, to be honest. I don't think there was 
anything I was doing in 1.0 that didn't work in 2.0; if there was, it 
must have been so trivial to fix (with oXygen's excellent debugging 
tools) that I did it without thinking. The main thing is remembering 
that there are all these new functions and capabilities, so you don't 
have to do things the old way; I have to make sure I go and scan through 
function lists etc. pretty regularly so I'm aware of what's available, 
and I don't do something in a roundabout way out of habit.

My favourite aspect of the whole thing is that it now seems to be much 
easier to deal with multiple-namespace documents, with attributes such 
as xpath-default-namespace, exclude-result-prefixes etc. Life just seems 
so much easier. And having XPath 2 functions such as replace() is such a 


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