Hi there,

I've just started the task of updating the Image Markup Tool schema to 
take account of the latest changes to P5, and it seems that the <hi> 
element in no longer allowed in <rendition>. I'm using a structure like 
this in the header, to encode information about colours and shapes 
chosen by the user for specific annotation categories.

I think this problem may relate to Lou's recent comment that:

"At P5 we distinguish between phrase level elements in the header and 
phrase level elements elsewhere, the difference being that the former 
aren't going to have features like rendition or other editorial flimflam 
to encode."

Right now I have a structure like this in the <encodingDesc>:

<tagsDecl xml:id="imtAnnotationCategories">
   <rendition xml:id="Transcription">
     <label>Transcription de texte</label>
     <hi rend="ellipse">color: #ff0000</hi>
   <rendition xml:id="Transcription_Commentaire">
     <label>Commentaire sur la transcription</label>
     <hi rend="rectangle">color: #00ff00</hi>
   <rendition xml:id="Gestes">
     <label>Commentaire sur les gestes</label>
     <hi rend="ellipse">color: #ffff00</hi>

So my questions are:

  - Is this restriction on <hi> in <rendition> a conscious decision, or 
an accidental byproduct of another decision?

  - Is it permanent, or can I argue against it?

  - If it's immutable, what else should I be using to record colour and 
shape information in a <rendition> tag?

As an aside, even though in the header we generally "aren't going to 
have features like rendition", we probably ARE going to have them in a 
<rendition> tag, surely, even if it is in the header?


Martin Holmes
University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre
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Half-Baked Software, Inc.
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