Joachim Veit wrote:
> Hello,
> please allow me again a question concerning the markup of letters. I 
> should like to put the address of a letter in a separate <div>-section 
> at the beginning of my <body> (because I understand the address in this 
> case not as part of some front matter but part of the letter itself). 
> The result may look like this:
> <body>
> <div type=“address“>
> <p>
> <address>
> <addrLine>S. Wohlgebohren</addrLine>
> <addrLine>dem Herrn Geheimrat</addrLine>
> <addrLine>von Goethe</addrLine>
> </address>
> </p>
> </div>
> <div type="xy">....</div>
> </body>
> Why am I forced to use the <p>-element as a framework for <address> 
> within <div>?
> In the context of the <head>-element (which I should like to avoid in 
> this case), <address> is allowed without the <p>-frame. I can't see the 
> real cause for this difference and should be very glad to have a short 
> explanatory statement.

I think the element you are looking for is <opener>. Quoting from

	<opener> groups together dateline, byline, salutation, and
	similar phrases appearing as a preliminary group at the start 
	of a division, especially of a letter.

	<div type="xy">...</div>



Conal Tuohy
New Zealand Electronic Text Centre