Dear Joachim,

For the letters we're encoding in the Digital Archive of Letters in 
Flanders (DALF, which was designed to encode letters), there is an 
<envelope> element as part of the <text> but not of the <body>. In the 
<envelope> you can put all the data you might want to encode regarding 
addresseses of sender and receiver, postmarks etc. (even when these data 
are present but there is actually no real envelope)

The <opener> is then used to encode the <dateline> and the <salute>. 
Here is an example, but mind you: the DALF DTD is still in P4:


        <envPart side="front">
        <address type="receiver">
        <addrLine>WelEdele Heer de Bom</addrLine>
        <addrLine>Olijftakstraat 10</addrLine>
        <placeName>Malines (station)</placeName>
        <date value="1890-02-21">21 FEVR 1890</date>
        <date value="1890-02-21">21 FEVR 1890</date>


        <dateline><name type="place">Mechelen</name>, <date 
value="1890-02-21">21 Feb. 1890</date>.</dateline>
        <salute>WelEdele Heer,</salute>





Check out the DALF guidelines to get a better picture of how we're 
encoding our letters:

Best wishes,
Bert Van Raemdonck

Conal Tuohy schreef:
> Joachim Veit wrote:
>> Hello,
>> please allow me again a question concerning the markup of letters. I 
>> should like to put the address of a letter in a separate <div>-section 
>> at the beginning of my <body> (because I understand the address in this 
>> case not as part of some front matter but part of the letter itself). 
>> The result may look like this:
>> <body>
>> <div type=“address“>
>> <p>
>> <address>
>> <addrLine>S. Wohlgebohren</addrLine>
>> <addrLine>dem Herrn Geheimrat</addrLine>
>> <addrLine>von Goethe</addrLine>
>> </address>
>> </p>
>> </div>
>> <div type="xy">....</div>
>> </body>
>> Why am I forced to use the <p>-element as a framework for <address> 
>> within <div>?
>> In the context of the <head>-element (which I should like to avoid in 
>> this case), <address> is allowed without the <p>-frame. I can't see the 
>> real cause for this difference and should be very glad to have a short 
>> explanatory statement.
> I think the element you are looking for is <opener>. Quoting from
> 	<opener> groups together dateline, byline, salutation, and
> 	similar phrases appearing as a preliminary group at the start 
> 	of a division, especially of a letter.
> e.g.
> <body>
> 	<opener>
> 		<address>etc.</address>
> 	</opener>
> 	<div type="xy">...</div>
> </body>
> Regards
> Conal

Bert Van Raemdonck
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