Adam Walker wrote:
> Here's the full text of IBWotR as in the textbook...

Good - yes, it's now clear from the context that "cantat is in hoc modo" 
contains no typos. But there are one or two others   ;)

> In via ferri laboravi, diem de die.
> In via ferri laboravi, tempus sic conterere.
> Fistulaene sonum audis:
> Surge, est prima mane?
> Ducemne audis iubentem Dinem cornu canere?

Surely the accusative of 'Dina' should be _Dinam_.

> Dina nonne vis, Dina nonne vis, cornum tuum ut sones?
> Dina nonne vis, Dina nonne vis, cornum tuum ut sones?

'cornum' is clearly a mistake. The word 'cornu' (horn) is neuter in 
Latin and the accusative is 'cornu' and, indeed, is used correctly in 
the last line of the first stanza. The above two lines should end:
"cornu tuum sones?"

> Aliquis est in culina verum esse hoc, scio.

Punctuation is odd here. 'Aliquis est in culina' (Some one's in the 
kitchen) is one clause & 'verum esse hoc scio' (I know this is true) is 
another. The comma between 'hoc' & 'scio' is unnecessary, but we surely 
need something after 'culina' - maybe:
Aliquis est in culina - verum esse hoc scio.

> Aliquis est ibi bum Dina, quia auditur banjo, et
> cantat:

_cum Dina_ methinks, not 'bum Dina' (_bum_ ain't a Latin word)

> "Fi, fai, fideliaio, Fi fai, fideliaio.
> Fi, fai, fideliaio," Cantat is in hoc modo.

Yep - 'Cantat is in hoc modo' hardly translates "Strummin' on the old 
banjo!" - but the translator has changed the last few lines, presumably 
because s/he found it difficult to get Latin for "Strummin' on the old 
banjo!" From "Aliquis est in culina" the Latin translates as:

Someone's in the kitchen - I know this is true.
Someone is there with Dinah, because a banjo is heard, and he sings:
"Fi, fie, fiddly-i-o, Fi, fie, fiddly-i-o.
  Fi, fie, fiddly-i-o," he sings in this way.

> I hope posting this doesn't start more nastiness.


My observations above are intended to be helpful.

Thinks: How could you put ""Strummin' on the old banjo!" into Latin?   :)

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