On 9/7/07, Dr. Peter E. Tarlow <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I recently learned about this listserv and am
> proud to have joined it. About 50 years ago (I am
> 61) I started to develop a language I called La
> Petro. Words were borrowed from a number of

Cool! There aren't many of us who have been working
on one conlang for that long.  I've been working on my
personal conlang gj-zym-byn for nine years, and have
gotten reasonably fluent at reading and writing it, but
for want of anybody to speak it with am not so fluent
at speaking it.

> languages or self-generated. I was especially
> interested in the question of grammar. I wanted
> to develop a clear and workable grammar. Over the

What is the grammar like? Is it strongly influenced by
Romance languages, as the vocabulary apparently
is from the few samples you've given us, or more

Jim Henry