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> I'm having a small crisis over the vowels in Finlaesk.
> The two-penny tour: It's what happened to the Old Icelandic spoken by  
> the settlers of Vinland (North America) in its AU.
> The current vowel set is as follows:
>    i i: i~ y y: y~         u u: u~
>    e e: e~ 2 2: 2~ @ @: @~ o o: o~
>    E E: E~ 9 9: 9~         O O: O~
>     a a: a~              A A: A~
> Unfortunately, it seems to have travelled the exact opposite direction  
> from Old Norse that it *should* have

Please accept my apologies for such a very bad post, by the way. I'd been  
meaning to write about my problem for several hours, and finally did so  
after taking a sleeping pill and before going to bed.

I think I'm going to go with several of the advices given, and carry out  
both breaking and merging, step by step. It's going to mean a heck of a  
lot of tearing down and rebuilding (I've got concultural notes more than  
started, in addition to paradigm tables), but I was going to hit the  
paradigm tables quite hard anyway. I have too many conjugations and  
declensions both, and several of them are already quite close to eachother.

Taking the purely ON vowels per BPJ:

:    i i:    y y:        u   u:
:      e:
:    E E:    9 9:        o   o:
:                    A   Q   Q:
:    Ei  9y  Qu

I think my sound changes would be something like...

i > i\
y > u
y: > ju
i: > i
e: > e
E > a
E: > E
9 > ew
9: > jo
u > @
u: > o:
o > wo
o: > wo:
Q > o
Q: > o:
Ei > aj
9y > oj
Qu > Aw

Leading to:

   i     i\ u
    e e: @  o o:
      a    A

(plus existing /j/ and /w/ semivowels)

All my V~ come from VN sequences following a long vowel (which essentially  
feels like a form of stress-based vowel reduction), so I'm going to limit  
nasals to short vowels, and further to those short vowels that are allowed  
in unstressed syllables (therefore making the above table for stressed  
syllables only).

The allowed vowels in unstressed syllables will be:

   i i~      u u~
        @ @~
             A A~

Now all I need is a new orthography for this stuff, and I can get to the  
business of doing the search-and-replace in the Wiki.

I'm thinking of:

   i    į u
    e é ų o ó
      a  ą

   i ī    u ū
      ų ų̄
          ą ą̄

For the Unicode-impaired, that's

   i i-ogonek u
    e e-acute u-ogonek o o-acute
      a a-ogonek

   i i-macron u u-macron
    u-ogonek u-ogonek-macron
              a-ogonek a-ogonek-macron

I'm not entirely sure of the usage of ogonek here, to be honest. Other  
ideas I've had are ae-ligature for a, a for a-ogonek, oe-ligature for  
u-ogonek and ue-ligature for i-ogonek.

Once again I'm throwing the question to the floor. All comments and  
suggestions still solicited,



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