Just a little more from Kurzweil (I'm not sure Leo is
going to agree with this..):

"The three tasks that have to do with human-level
understanding of natural language - reviewing a movie,
holding a press conference, and translating speech -
are the most difficult.  Once we can take down these
signs, we'll have Turing-level machines, and the era
of strong AI will have started.

This era will creep up on us.  As long as there are
any discrepancies between human and machine
performance - areas in which humans outperform
machines - strong AI skeptics will sieze on these
differences. [..] Our perceptions of performance will
shift quickly from pathetic to daunting as the knee of
the exponential curve is reached for each human

Kordiale, James Chandler
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"We should all stay in touch, we should make a big network on both sides of the Atlantic because your country and my country are the biggest problems in the world today, we are the biggest rogue states in the world today and the citizens have got to take back control of the plane." - George Galloway, MP  Interviewed on the Alex Jones Show, 31st May 2005

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