What happens is that in oXygen 9 beta only the TEI P5 0.9 distribution 
was added which is thus mixed with an older version of the "custom 
schemas" (if this is their name) located in frameworks/tei/custom. I see 
that oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz contains many other files in addition 
to TEI P5 0.9. For example tei_all.rng is not even present in the TEI P5 
0.9 distribution as a download available from

In fact the whole subfolder tei/custom is not present in TEI P5 0.9. 
tei_all.rng is located in tei/custom/schema/relaxng of 
oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz. So TEI P5 0.9 is only a subset of 
oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz. Now I realize that an update of the TEI 
schemas in oXygen should be done by adding the content of 
oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz instead of a TEI P5 release. Did I miss any 
announcement/notification of a new version of 
oxygen_frameworks_tei.tar.gz with the new "custom schemas"?

After I replaced the TEI framework in oXygen 9 beta with the files from I still get 
the error that the "quantity" attribute is not allowed when I validate 
Peter's TEI P5 file. The "date" one is accepted.


Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I fixed p4top5.xsl at the weekend to do the right thing
> against the schema which is at 
> which uses @quantity and @when
> So I am puzzled about what is happening here