Notis Toufexis wrote:
> filters. How difficult is it to customize the filters for own use for
> someone with intermediate XSLT knowledge?
It's not really XSLT knowledge which is required, but
understanding the target language. Adding a new template
to handle an element is pretty easy, if you can work out
what it should turn into. I will not pretend that it is always
easy - sometimes it is trivial, othertimes not.

Its also not obvious how to make the .jar files
to distribute, but in the short term, edit the .xsl
files in situ.

obviously, I am happy to maintain this stuff and
add new rules as you ask for them, but I am unlikely
to systematically look at all elements and handle them.
Apart from anything else, many simply _have_
no translation (how would I handle <choice>?).

The OO to TEI P5 translator had a fair few changes this
year, hopefully it works  a bit better now

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