Thanks Sorin.

I am using the latest build: 2007092709, but the attributes "when" in 
the "date" tag and the attribute "quantity" in the "space" tag are still 
flagged as errors (see the full file listed below). Am I doing something 

<space quantity="30"/>

<date when="1862-12-08">Dec. 8th 1862</date>

Sebastian asked that I change my code for <space extent= to <space 
quantity= (for P5).



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TEI xmlns="">
<title>Letter written by Rush P. Cady, lieutenant in the 97th New York 
Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company K, to his grandmother of Rome, New 
York, from Headquarters 97th Reg. N.Y.V. near Brooks' Station, Virginia, 
December 8, 1862</title>

<surname>Cady</surname>, <forename>Rush P.</forename>

<resp>Transcribed and converted to TEI-conformant markup by </resp>
<orgName>Backstage Library Works</orgName>

<orgName>Hamilton College Library</orgName>

<p>Letters of Rush P. Cady #cw02624</p>

<p>Transcribed from digital images of the original manuscripts.</p>



<div1 type="Envelope">

<pb n="Front of Envelope"/>


 >PAGE IMAGE</ref>


<persName>Mrs. <forename>Philena</forename>
<lb/> Care <persName>Mr. <forename>D.</forename>
</persName>. </p>



<div1 type="letter">
<pb n="Page 1"/>
 >PAGE IMAGE</ref>
<space quantity="30"/>Headquarters <orgName>
<orgTitle>97th Reg. N.Y.V.</orgTitle>
<space extent="30"/>near <placeName>
<settlement>Brooks’ Station, Va.</settlement>
<date when="1862-12-08">Dec. 8th 1862</date>.<lb/> Dear Grandmother,<lb/>
<space extent="20"/>Having occasion to write so soon again, af-<lb/> ter 
writing to
Mother, I will now write to you.- Today is Tuesday,<lb/> &amp; one of 
the most
beautiful days, we have had for a long time.<lb/> It was very cold 
&amp; last night, but now, though the ground<lb/> remains frozen &amp;
covered with snow, it is not so cold as to be<lb/> uncomfortable without 
All last night, &amp; during<lb/> the day, troops have been moving 
towards <placeName>
</placeName>, both<lb/> artillery &amp; Infantry,- the road, which is in 
sight from<lb/> our camp, being constantly full. As we have before 
in-<lb/> formed
you, we have been under orders to be in readiness<lb/> to march at 
several diff’t
times, within the past few days;<lb/> &amp; now, we are ordered to move 
morning, &amp;<lb/> I have no doubt we shall do so. The distance we expect
to<lb/> go, is about 20 miles, which will occupy us about two days.<lb/> 
We are now
making a few – necessary preparations for<lb/> the anticipated movement; 
such as
buying provisions,- Sugar<lb/> coffee, pork, beans, rice &amp;c, at the
commissary’s.- For din-<lb/> ner today, we had boiled pork &amp; beans,
apple-sauce, &amp; boiled<lb/> rice with sugar,- a “bill of fare”, such 
as no
one, especially a<pb n="Page 2"/>
 >PAGE IMAGE</ref> Soldier, need complain of. <space extent="10"/>On 
account of the
very cold<lb/> weather, of the past few days, making it very 
cooking &amp; eating out of doors, as we always have, our mess,<lb/> which
contained all the officers of the <orgName>
<orgTitle>Reg. 16</orgTitle>
</orgName> in no. &amp; three<lb/> cooks, has split up into smaller ones, of
three or four<lb/> each; so that we cook &amp; eat in our tents, which is
much<lb/> more pleasant &amp; satisfactory. “Our mess”, now consists of<lb/>
<persName>Chaplain <surname>Ferguson</surname>
</persName>, <persName>Gustavus</persName>, <persName>Lieut.
</persName>, &amp; myself: about<lb/> as “select” a quartelle,- we flatter
ourselves, as could be<lb/> organized into a mess.- We are at present 
in-<lb/> convenienced, by the lack of certain cooking utensils, &amp; 
ware, but can get along very well, until we receive such<lb/> things as 
we yesterday
sent to <placeName>
</placeName> for, by the Sutlers.<lb/> I sent after my valise again, 
&amp; such
articles, of little bulk,<lb/> as I most need; not having a suitable 
satchel to carry
my<lb/> things in, <persName>
</persName> old one, which I have been using, being<lb/> nearly worn 
out. We have
plenty of transportation for our<lb/> baggage, such as valise, blankets, 
tents, &amp;c.<lb/>

<space extent="10"/>Some time ago, a “General Order” was issued by<lb/> 
the <orgName>
<orgTitle>War Department</orgTitle>
</orgName>, restricting the officers baggage, to what<lb/> I have 
mentioned,- as a
good many had large trunks, camp-<lb/> stools &amp;c. It also limited 
them to the
small shelter tents, that<lb/> the men have, instead of the large &amp; 
wall tents, which<lb/> they have heretofore had. According to this 
Order, but three
wall<pb n="Page 3"/>
 >PAGE IMAGE</ref> tents were to be allowed to a Reg., for the use of 
the “Field
&amp; Staff”,<lb/> (<persName>
<roleName>Col. Lieut.</roleName>
<roleName>Col. Major</roleName>
</persName>; <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
<roleName>Assistant Surgeons</roleName>
</persName>, &amp;c), the Line officers,- <persName>
</persName> &amp; <persName>
</persName>, to have one<lb/> Shelter tent each; but, in our Reg. we 
still retain our
wall<lb/> tents, of which we have seven. In our tent (which is 
about<lb/> 10 feet
square &amp; as high, in the centre) there are four,- two <persName>
<lb/> besides me, &amp; <persName>Sg’t <forename>Alexander</forename>
</persName>.- <persName>
</persName> received a letter<lb/> from <persName>Maj. 
</persName> last night. I presume he will not return<lb/> to the Reg. in 
but make is visit as long as possible,<lb/> for which he could hardly be 
having stuck to the Reg.<lb/> so faithfully, through all its hard fought 
&amp; hard-<lb/> ships;- &amp; there being now two Field officers left, in
com-<lb/> mand,- which, with so few men, is quite enough.<lb/>

<space extent="10"/>The “call” has just sounded, for Dress Parade, &amp; 
I must
go<lb/> out, for few minutes.- I have just returned. It is growing 
colder.<lb/> We
must have a good pile of wood chopped, for tonight. <persName>
<forename>Gus- tavus</forename>
<lb/> &amp; the <persName>
</persName> have just gone to take a ride.- Of the boys in<lb/> our Co. 
whom you
know, <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
</persName>, &amp; <persName>
</persName>, still<lb/> remain, &amp; are well, though the last 
mentioned is a
most shift-<lb/> less &amp; slovenly specimen of humanity. <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
<surname>Fitz- gerald</surname>
<lb/> &amp; others – absent in the Hospitals, have not been heard<lb/> from
lately.- <space extent="10"/>
</persName> wants a pair of black leather gloves,<lb/> (lined), a pocket
handkerchief, &amp; a flannel nightcap, to sleep in.<lb/> You might send 
</persName> up to his house, to tell his wife, to get<pb n="Page 4"/>
 >PAGE IMAGE</ref> them so as to send them in our package. In 
addition,<lb/> to
what I have already sent for, I want a night cap,<lb/> to sleep in these 
cold nights
(perhaps made of heavy blue flan-<lb/> nel); &amp; also a black felt 
hat, worth
about $3, or<lb/> $3.50. <persName>Mr. <surname>Kinney</surname>
</persName> knows my size – about 6 x 7/8. You<lb/> might also enclose 
1# Saleratus,
a paper of black pepper,<lb/> &amp; a pepper-box. Let there be a list of 
all the
articles in<lb/> the box, with the prices attached, so that I may 
know<lb/> how to
charge them.- Love to Mother, Father, &amp; all<lb/> the children, &amp;
present my kind regards to <persName>
<lb/> &amp; <persName>
</persName>,- also <persName>
</persName>, <persName>
</persName>, &amp;c. Hoping to hear<lb/> from home again soon, &amp; 
that you
will all<lb/> remain well, I will close.<lb/>
<space extent="30"/>Affectionately your grandson,<lb/>
<space extent="40"/>
<forename>Rush P.</forename>
</persName>. </p>

Sorin Ristache wrote:
> Hello,
> I think you are using an older build of the oXygen 9 beta version. The 
> latest one (build number 2007092709) announced on September 27 
> includes the latest release of TEI P5, that is version 0.9 which 
> accepts the "when" attribute. The p4top5.xsl stylesheet was included 
> also in older builds which preceded TEI P5 0.9 but it was tested with 
> the version of TEI P5 schema included in TEI P5 0.9 kindly made 
> available by Sebastian before the official release of 0.9.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> Peter MacDonald wrote:
>> Sebastian:
>> I'm using the recently released oXygen 9.0.
>> Peter
>> Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>>> are you using the TEI schemas which come with oXygen 8? If so, they
>>> precede a fairly major change made in (from memory) May to P5,
>>> aligning all the date attributes.
>>> replacing the oXygen TEI framework with that from
>>> should do the trick