Hi all,

First, apologies for my last message in which the first paragraph was garbled and unclear due to rapid typing.  I sent this correction through last night, but it appears that if the listserve is in CC: it does not go through.

My problem is simple:  it seems that gloss does not allow for type attributes (unless I am mistaken). 
But we need to code both definitions of terms and  translations of examples in a corpus of linguistic texts.  Martin suggested that I use gloss for the latter, citing the definition of <gloss> given in the guidelines:
<gloss> identifies a phrase or word used to provide a gloss or definition for some other word or phrase.
My problem is that we will need to dissociate these two (very different) types of gloss.  Someone searching for examples of particular verbs (like the ergative "break") in a corpus of linguistic texts might very well be interested in glosses of related examples in other languages.  Giving them the option of searching through all of the elements typed as "examples" (whether they be <cit>, <q>, <mention>, or <gloss>) would be beneficial.  On the other hand, it would be nice to be able to search for linguistic terminology both in that which has been marked up with a tag <term>, but also in the definitions of these terms, which I gather should also be marked with <gloss>.
Has any thought been given to dissociating these two cases covered by the tag?
Best wishes,
   Steve Shimanek