Henrik Theiling skrev:
> Hi!
> Benct Philip Jonsson writes:
>> ...
>> A word of warning: in MediaWiki you must always put a zero-
>> width joiner character ‍ between a precomposed i with a
>> superscript diacritic and a combining subscript diacritic,
>> or the engine will 'normalize' it into a dotted i
>> precomposed with a subscript diacritic and a combining
>> superscript diacritic, which of course means that with most
>> fonts you get the dot of the i disturbing the superscript
>> diacritic! So you should write e.g. ī‍̣-- i.e.
>> ī‍̣ -- to get the right thing.
>> ...
> Just a short clarification:
> The behaviour is not an error of MediaWiki, but the usual, correct
> Unicode normalisation.  If you get bad results, then either your
> browser or your font is broken, not MediaWiki.

I agree.

> So I would recommend to *not* use a ‍ to hack-fix a broken
> behaviour of a browser or font, but instead to use a working browser
> or font, or if that is out of the question (for whatever reason), live
> with a distorted display, and/or inform the maintainers of the browser
> or font of not being Unicode compliant.

I *dis*agree.  I want as correct display as possible *now*, 
and I won't sit around until someone fixes the problem if I
can fake it now.  I think think that computers should adapt 
to humans and not the other way around.  I guess I'm not the 
compliant type...

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