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Subject: Re: Worldlangs critique

>> Also there could be some first language interference.
>> There are English loan words in Russian like
>> "bouling" (bowling), which are written with "ou".
> Apropos of bowling, it's BAO LING in Chinese. They have taken BAO,
> although they have also the syllable "bo", so perhaps BAOLING seemed
> to them closer to the English word than BOLING. There is no syllable
> "bou" in Chinese.

When it comes to loan words in Chinese it's good to keep in mind that in
many cases they are not adopted to Mandarin first. "Bowling" was most
probably borrowed to Cantonese first. In Cantonese it is pronounced
"bouling" [pouliN]. Other dialects of Chinese have their own dialectal
renditions of the same word (&#20445;&#40836;), in Mandarin it is
"baoling" [pauliN] and in Shanghainese it is [poliN].


It is good to see that there are today persons on

Auxlang with a solid knowledge of Chinese. There

was a time when some very exotic ideas were held

and some very poor input of roots ( and even in Lojban).


Leo J. Moser
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