If you will accept an answer - from someone else, not Don Harlow

The opposite of "finvenkismo" is raĆ­mismo (if you don't get it - there
is a sign above the u letter).

You can find it at
(again Raumo with the sign above the u letter).

The "raumists" don't think that there is any chance of Esperanto
becoming the second (or third) language for everyone in the
foreseeable future. They consider the Esperanto movement as a cultural
and social group living in a geographical dispersion - linguistic
diaspora. They think their cultural and social development as more
important than pursuing unattainable goals.
I hope I gave an objective description - actually I am much nearer the
"finvenkismo", and something of an utopist ( not only about Esperanto
- I am living in a Kibbutz, more than 47 years)


2007/10/21, James Chandler <[log in to unmask]>:
> A question for Don Harlow:
> What is the opposite of "finvenkismo" ?
> I believe this is what Espists espouse.
> (and please don't say "malfinvenkismo" !)

Cvi Solt
Kibuc Gaaton