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> as a whole, which means that I want it to be just as
> suitable for
> communication between the Cassini team in the US and
> Italy as for the
> average person. "do Cassini direction change flyby
> Titan" and "Cassini
> direction change do Titan flyby" just aren't clear
> enough for such an
> important mission.

The problem with that, AFAIC, is that carrying out a
mission like Cassini requires an incredible amount of
technical vocabulary. The communication between people
involved in things like that is very heavy in
semantics, and there is not so much need for
conversational type grammar. In fact, when I read
transcripts from shuttle flights, for example, there
is a lot that I don't understand, even as a native
speaker of English.

Here's a line from the Columbia transcript:

"JONES: The X corrected was 1784. The X corrected

I haven't a clue was that means. Whether 1784 is a
piece of data or what. And whether corrected is acting
like an adjective or a verb. But obviously they
understand it.

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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