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Bob skribis:
> >So, if those two pioneers of Novial began to see it,
> why can't others today see it?
> Because over the years people have come to Novial from
> different places.  Bruce and I both come from the Ido
> side of things.  We flirt with this and that
> naturalistic feature, such as the -tion suffix and the
> double-valued c.  But in the end our roots are in the
> schematic systems.  Per Ahlberg was an idist who
> edited the Ido journal Mondo, which later became
> Novialiste.  Other early Novialists were also
> Occidentalists.  So it is a broad church.

This oversimplifies things, at least as far as my own IAL background is
concerned. While I was at one time very interested in Ido, because I saw it
as curing almost all of what I disliked about Esperanto, my FIRST exposure
to any IAL was to Interlingua. And I have, ever since becoming familiar with
Ido, wanted to find a way of combining the regularity of Ido with the easy
readability of Interlingua.


R. Gilson

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