MacLeod Dave skrev:
> How would the following languages list in order of proximity to Latin?
> English
> Italian
> French
> Spanish
> Portuguese
> Esperanto
> Ido
> Occidental
> Interlingua
> What I'm most curious about is where languages like Occidental, Ido and
> Interlingua rank compared to languages like Italian and Spanish. In the
> second-last issue of Adavane! was an interesting article written only in
> Latin, but using only Latin words present in Ido as well, so it was mostly
> perfectly legible.
Spanish Italian
English, Occidental
Ido, Esperanto

Another interesting question might be, what in Latin has survived into 
the modern languages?

I have the impression that languages take in more classical Latin the 
more distant from Latin they are. So in Russian you will see things like 
"komisar", "presidium", "diktor", "orator"!

That Interlingua comes closest to Latin depends from the fact that it 
has taken in most pure Latin forms. I suppose that French is farther 
from Latin than Portuguese. I don't know the history etc. of Romance 
languages so well that I would dare to be very sure about this.

I put English and Occidental at roughly the same distance as English has 
a large vocabulary of Germanic origine and Occidental will be at the 
same distance. Esperanto and Ido are more distant from Latin because 
they have roughly the same vocabulary as Occidental, but they are put 
into a very peculiar word-building system.

It is an interesting thought game, but I am not quite sure what 
practical purpose it might have.

Kjell R