It has been said here, that a useful criteria for an IAL might be:

> 4. If you do not know a word and do not know its
> morphemes, can you tell if it is an adjective, a
> noun, or a verb? Can you tell if it is a compound
> word?

" Do most people in the world even know what an adjective, noun and
" verb are? These are terms used primarily from our model of
" language. Some languages do not have a class of "adjectives" as
" such, but instead use stative verbs or genitive noun constructions.

I do not agree with the latter point. One of the major items of unity
in the world language picture is that the Indo-European Language
group is so vast. And the features mentioned are still common in
that group. Moreover, I have seen no evidence that these "parts-
of speech" present any problem at all to Chinese learners. Semitic
is IMO not all that removed either, nor IMO Indonesian or others.
So I see no reason to fear identifying "nouns," "verbs," "prepositions/
postpositions" and even "adjectives," though the latter might be
fused with adverbs.

If people do not know the grammatical term, that is trivial.
Even two-year olds can have the feel for such things.
That is what is important.

I do, however, agree with the comment below.


Leo J. Moser
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> The chances of you ;finding the solution is zero based on the past 150 years of the same
> kind of experimenting.

That is the classical fallacy of false induction: "If during a long
period of time people haven't had success in achieving a certain
objective, then it is forever impossible to successfully achieve that

I'm glad that some people didn't think that way, otherwise we wouldn't
have the airplane.

Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues

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