Bob skribis:

>So, if those two pioneers of Novial began to see it,
why can't others today see it?

Because over the years people have come to Novial from
different places.  Bruce and I both come from the Ido
side of things.  We flirt with this and that
naturalistic feature, such as the -tion suffix and the
double-valued c.  But in the end our roots are in the
schematic systems.  Per Ahlberg was an idist who
edited the Ido journal Mondo, which later became
Novialiste.  Other early Novialists were also
Occidentalists.  So it is a broad church.

>Is it because that if such a thing is admitted then
the hobby of building new "natural" IAL's must come to
a halt and then we must take the next step and use the
language instead

Personally speaking, I would rather use a language
than create or tinker with one, but I think from time
to time we can all be a bit fussy about the features
we like and those we don't like.

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