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>> In addition, there are a lot of special displays that present only
>> ASCII characters. So you would better stick with only those.

>I agree, and this is the path taken with Sasxsek.  The entire
>language's script fits within the 7-bit ASCII range common to
>virtually all computers.
Of course, the main problem I have with Occidental, and ONE of the major problems I have with Esperanto, is this machinability problem. So I certainly concur. 

>> Later I'll send a message suggesting some ways to overcome the
>> of variable stress across words by using just ASCII characters.

>How aboout dooubling the voowels to mark the stress?

This is a solution that has also occurred to me. If you have a vowel system in which vowel length is not phonemic but stress is, this is a very good solution. I, however, favor a situation in which stress will never distinguish words, so misplacing it cannot cause miscomprehension.


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