A question for those of you who use Open Office Writer (2.0 I think)--

In the course of writing up Prevli (in standard Letter Size 8.5x11) the need 
has arisen to insert a large table that is formatted in a separate file in 
Landscape orientation (11X8.5). When I try to copy the table into the text, 
the entire text changes to Landscape. Or, if I try to correct the pages that 
sholdn't be in Landscape, then everything including the table changes to 
8.5x11.  Actually, the table is OK that way, except it runs to the very R 
edge of the page-- not sure that will print or PDF properly, anyway it looks 

According to OOO's website, there is this (complicated as usual) "12 step 
Program" to do it--
and if necessary I will figure that out. I don't usually use their "styles" 

But is there a quick and easier way to just make ONE page of a text in 
Landscape, while everything else stays in Letter?

Reply privately I think......and thanks, Roger