Je 01:49 ptm 11/7/2007, James CHANDLER skribis:
> >I don't have that button, and I think it's because of
>the country I'm in (Korea)
>Like Dave, I don't see any button.  Could it be due to
>different copyright laws in Europe?  Over here it's 70
>years from the author's death, thanks to the EU (in
>British law it's 50 years).  Laws you don't want,
>coming soon to a Union near you!

Seventy years in the US, too, I believe. One of my major gripes.

When I was much younger, in the US a book was copyrighted for 28 
years from the date of publication and could, at the author's option, 
be copyrighted for one additional period of 28 years beyond that. An 
author who started young could live to see his early works enter public domain.

It seems strange to have a system in force that protects an author's 
intellectual rights by starting the countdown to their expiration 
from the date of his death.

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