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>>	> What's coming in January if all goes right?
	> Books.
	> Books about Occidental, like a first dictionary, an
	> introductory grammar lessons book, and maybe one other.
	> And, if all goes well, they will be available in either
	> hardcover or softcover.

>>	Available in how many languages?
>	====================================

> 	How many do you want?
> 	How many is your language in?
> 	Are they hardcopy, or softcopy, or ???

> 	How many would satisfy you?

> 	Can you generalize your question a little more specifically?

I don't want any.  As usual the message went right over your head
because that was mostly a rhetorical question, and also as usual,
you play silly games instead of just giving a straight answer.
Having to put up with crap is this is reason enough to avoid the
Occidental movement.