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> > I've normalized time and date phrases in Sasxsek.
> >
> > 	sanxdesxyeniti (31iti) din yu desiti (10iti) mas yu
> > duvxkilxsepiti (2007iti) nan
> > 	thirty-first day of tenth month of two-thousand and seventh
> > year
> >
> > Contextually, there are shorter versions available.
> >
> > 	sanxdesxyenito yu desito yu duvxkilxsepito
> > 	thirty-first of tenth of two-thousand and seventh
> >
> > Time would be similar, but is standardized on a 24-hour clock to
> > avoid AM/PM ambiguities.
> >
> > 	tu batiti hora / tu batito
> > 	at eighth hour / at eighth
> >
> > 	tu batiti hora ka sanxdesiti minut
> > 	at eighth hour and thirtieth minute
> >
> > 	tu nuliti hora / tu midxtimo (lit: mid-darkness)
> > 	at zero-eth hour / at midnight
> >
> >
> If find it an interesting idea, if you necessarily want to take
> vocabulary from different languages or language groups, that
> you let a  certain group of words, like numeralas, have the same
> I am not
> helped in any way to suddenly se Japanese words together with what
> would understand as Slavic or Germanic. Japanese contains a lot of

> interesting devices that one could use and that would be more or
> self-explaining, like "no".
> As I haven't even passed the Easy Japanese course of NHK
> Japan, I have a  > very limited vocabulary to draw words from.

The numbers, like everything else were taken from a mix of sources.
It just happens that my example used "bat" and "san" which are both
of Sinitic origins.  There was another criterion I had in creating
the numerals, which was to try and make each of them as unique as
possible because they are frequently used together within, and used
within the same contexts.   I even considered making the numbers a
priori at one point using a systematic method where the vowels were
given values 0 through 4, then repeated again for 5 through 9 with
unique consonants to make each as distinct as possible.

I figure a system something like this could work.

	0 ba
	1 de
	2 fi
	3 go
	4 hu
	5 ka
	6 le
	7 mi
	8 no
	9 ru