On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues wrote:

> [trim]

> If you can eliminate "l" in the end of syllables in the language
> phonotactics, then the phonotactics will be very close to the ideal
> IMHO. ;)

This is the old nemesis of constructed auxiliary languages.  A conIAL
that presents no difficulties whatever of any kind in any way to any
adult learners anywhere is probably unworkable (at least so it seems to
me).  Sooner or later, somehow, something is going to be inconvenient
for somebody.  I would say that this is just an unfortunate fact of
life.  However, in the end, are adult learners the only target
audience?  As Mario Pei pointed out half a century ago, it is
sufficient that *some* language (even if a "natural" language) be
picked and taught to children around the world, who do not have the
difficulties of adults, and the problem of learning is significantly

Paul Bartlett