Thanks James, but you are in "error". That is a BIG point for Sr Edgar de Wahl!!!!!

I had nothing to do with it, he did. I didn't write that, he did. I didn't creat the best IAL, he did.

AND, great former Volapukists, Esperantists, Idoists, LsFists, Novialists, and more, like from 
Medial, jumped in and help develop the language to what it is today. And, many of the 
creators of languages, as mentioned in the Couturat book, jumped to Occidental and helped 
improve it.

Interlinguists of the highest level working together to form the Occ we have today.

Hundreds of individuals, not one, or a dozen.

So, let's just mark one up for de Wahl and those who helped hone the language.


On 30 Oct 2007 at 4:22, James Chandler wrote:

> Bob scrit:
> >quel tande va posser incorporar-se sin alqui
> desfacilita anc omni CULTURPAROLES ORIENTAL sin dever
> misformar les quam Espo-Ido
> I can see that there is a point here.  Take a word
> like "haiku" for example.  In Esp-Ido this has to
> become haikuo or haiko, but in Occ it can be simply
> haiku.  Similarly you can have tabu, kanguru, guru..
> That's one to Bob..
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