Someone just posted an article on It is now on the front page, and it isn't Occidental.

Anyway, IF any of you are going to post who haven't done so yet, please NOTE THIS.
After you finish the article, and hit submit, please go to the page, you'll be shown a statement that says that, and then reread it to make sure you catch any typos. Then, along the top of the article are blue words, like edit, etc. One of them says PUBLISH. If you feel it needs no further correction, then hit PUBLISH.

Also, please note this. I don't know what a member sees, since some things are only available to an ADMINISTRATOR. So, if someone who is a member writes an article, and then goes to the page and does not see the word PUBLISH at the top, then let me know it is waiting to be published.

Now, that may be a pain for the moment. But, after we get enough members on the site to do so, I can make one person per language an administrator. And, that administrator can take care of the requests each group needs.

It is a community site, and as such, there can be a group for each language, and an administrator for each group. This person should be chosen by the members of that group.

Anyway, thanks for the additional post. You can read it by, obviously, going to

Robert Petry
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