Funny, no one wants to get it, even when they see it.

Anything any IAL mentioned here can do, Occidental can do it better.

Need vocabulary for the orient, the middle east, etc. Why, just learn the rules and start 
adding them.

But, no, that's too easy. Let's build a totally new language instead.

And, with Occidental those who are native speakers of Chinese, Japanese, etc. etc. are the 
ones who should add the vocabulary, not Western amateurs.

Now, Von Wahl was of German descent, from Estonia, and a mariner of the Russian navy. 
Here was a man fluent in 12 languages, and who studied and used several IAL's. Yet, this 
man with every reason to go for other language groups in building his language, didn't close 
his eyes to the facts or reality.

There is a difference between international usage and national usage.

International usage means terms, roots, etc. used by nations all over the world for inter 
communication. He knew this was different from Chinese, etc. where there are more 
language speakers of "one" language.

So, instead of trying to combine national languages by choosing words randomly, he took the 
wise direction of a man who knew what he was doing. He decided to go with words already in 
use around the world. And, he recognized what they were. They weren't/aren't oriental.

I'm surprised that a group like auxlang here cannot grasp the difference. That really amazes 

Perhaps the thrill and notoriety of creating one's own language is more important than 
knowing how the world functions.

Maybe a distorted map on water tables in the world would be a better way for this group here 
to develop these dozens of new thrilling languages. That way, you could really look to the 
future by planning only for those nations who will have a population left in 100 - 200 years.

Somebody should take that up immediately.

Finally, the excuse used to avoid putting one's language up beside Occidental, i.e. a distorted 
map, must have been thought to be really subtle and important. No. All it did was prove once 
again that the folks here are afraid of Occidental and don't dare place their languages, in the 
raw, [i.e. without translation] side by side with Occidental in an open public forum.

Once again, Occidental wins out.

As to Occidental not having the oriental words, etc., and being silly to wait to add them, is all 
hype, nonsense, and hyperbole to avoid the obvious. No one here has the ability to produce 
actual and continual articles to be placed side by side with Occidental.

What we have here is the extreme ability to write and propose non-sequetuer excuses in 
English, mostly.

I think that is most instructive, don't you?

Robert Petry
Occidental (Cosmoglotta Biblioteca)
Occidental (Cosmoglotta Weblog)