On 7 Nov 2007 at 1:25, MacLeod Dave wrote:

> Bob, I hope you don't mind. It's not a personal attack - I really
> think you
> promote Occidental better when you chill. The times where you just
> write up
> article after article are the times that I feel most inclined to use
> it.
> I've even written a few articles on the occ Wikipedia when nobody
> was
> looking.
> I've actually considering creating a site in Occ that has nothing
> about the
> auxlang community whatsoever, just a few links to learn the language
> for
> those that don't know it and the rest of the content to be about
> pretty much
> anything else.

First, you misunderstand something. I do not, in reality, promote Occidental on the auxlang discussion list. This list. I don't consider most of the people here as prime "suspects" for the language. Although, some are beginning to consider it.

So, you cannot equate what I do on this list of "debaters" with what I do elsewhere. There is no need elsewhere to use sarcasism, irony, pointed questions, point to the fact that folks don't really understand Occ. Here too many have followed the path of the critics from the past who have deliberately lied about Occ. And, for the longest time no one here would admit that that was true, and claimed that they were criticizing it with real criticisms. So, I have deliberately hit that concept here.

On the other hand, I didn't go on the TV and do the same. I went on TV explaining the history of Occ, spoke it, taught it, and encouraged folks to consider it.

So, do not try to equate what I do on this list of critics, and hobbyists, etc. with what I do in the public realm. I didn't answer critics in the Arizona tourism publication. I just translated events schedules and articles for them.

The dvd's that I have from the TV show does not present Occ as I do here in the "wolves den".

As to presenting Occidental on your own sitef with topics other than auxlang discussions, go for it. If you don't have a host, I can offer you one for free as a subdomain. Or, if you want to pay for your own domain name, let me know when you have it, and we can set up a site for you free. So, you could have something like, Dave.auxlang.org, or Dave.auxlang.com, or dave.interlingue.com, or under cosmoglott.org/.com, or daveOccidental.com. Of course, replace the word Dave with whatever you'd like as a subdomain, or domain name.

If you already have a host, then sounds good to me.

Anyway, when I present Occidental away from the auxlang list, I am not combative. Here, well, that's a different story. Here a lot has been said about the language that was and is totally untrue. My attitude is this. If you want to "attack" or criticize or critique the language then know the real facts about it first. Don't attack it with an argument built on lies.

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