All of you know about my history on this list. And, no matter what you think about it, you know that when I first began certain things were true. Here are a few of them:

1. No cosmoglotta jurnale.
2. No websites in Occidental, only some mention on various IAL sites likes James' and Don's, etc.
3. No publications easily available, such as grammars, lessons, etc.
4. No real knowledge of the language here on the auxlang list.
5. No one using or willing to use Occ on this list. And, more.

Today, there is a big difference. And, each of you can see the progress happening.
Occidental is now a presence on the Internet in its own right.
Live TV programs have been done in and about Occidental with dvd's of the programs available.
Files on various sites to download including grammar, vocabularies, etc.
Several sites in Occidental and growing.
People ON THIS LIST actually using Occidental.
Domain names using Occidental terminology.
Cosmoglotta jurnale on a semi regular basis.
Attitudes slowly, with difficulty, changing about Occidental. Some are finally admitting, at least to themselves, that some of their criticisms were based on "authorities" who deliberately lied through their teeth in order to denigrate Occidental to protect their own favorite.
There is more real Occidental material available on the Internet now than has ever been there, and it has happened since I started pushing it, believe it or not. Including "encouraging" certain folks to produce what they had been puttting off.
And, more.

Now, consider this.

Years ago I read a management paper on improving efficiency. Now, here's the thing, if you don't like what I've been doing so far, just watch out. For, the paper said this. If you want to quadruple and more what you are doing, then it is an absolute requirement that you have a secretaryi. Lots of small businesses have no secretary. So, the paper proved with facts and examples that with a secretary, even part time, that the production of the officer in charge would more than quadruple, not just double, if he/she had a secretary to do the routine paper work, etc.

Well, it won't be too long and I will have someone(s) helping me to produce more. When that happens, everything will quadruple, and then with more help, it will skyrocket. And, you can watch, or you can participate.

So far, certain ones here have watched and criticized to the high heavens. Yet, progress is going on in spite of those silly and false criticisms, just to protect certain old ancient IAL's that don't work any where near as good as Occidental.

So, fair warning. Help in on the horizon, and the fur is really going to fly.

So, be a new pioneer and key person in it all, or just watch and talk about how you could do it better. All the while Occidental continues to grow anyway.


Robert Petry
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