I know no one here cares. But, here's the info anyway.

There are now 30 members.

I just updated the program that runs the site. So, several bug fixes have been done, plus 
some new features.

I think in the middle to long run, that the site will outdistance those on the auxlang list, and will 
do so without them.

Just think, many wild stallions with tremendous potential strength all pulling in totally different 
directions. So, instead of pulling the cart, they are all trying to pull the cart apart. I'm talking 
about the IAL idea, not the language Occidental.

Occidental will stand quite well without the auxlang list. But, the IAL idea can't. And, it isn't 
just the list, it is the idea that the world has about IAL's that is constantly reinforced by the 
theories behind the active posters of this list. is growing, and will continue to grow.

The new thing is the teaching program being setup for the domain.

All these things are going on in spite of this list, so that list members can watch from a 
distance how things develop. Instead, this list could be a very big positive part of the growth. 
But, so far, not. It's main purpose, i.e. this list, is to rehash the invention of the wheel without 
any tools to shape the wheel in reality, only in the imagination.


P.S. Just thought I would mention this. Although only two, maybe three Occidental books will 
appear in or before January, 2008, there are nearly a dozen in planning stages.
Robert Petry
Occidental (Cosmoglotta Biblioteca)
Occidental (Cosmoglotta Weblog)