James Chandler wrote:

>Now here I'm happy to say that I do have a solution
>for you, Bruce: Ron Paul.

Do you even know what Ron Paul stands for, James? You, as a British subject,
cannot possibly understand our politics. I happen to like the fact that Ron
Paul has a forum to express some of his libertarian ideas in a Congress, as
one of 435 members of the House of Representatives. He is, however, so
extreme as to be a caricature. I would probably vote for him for the House
if I lived in his district. I think he's pretty far from what I want to see
as President. Of course, you wouldn't know that I've put this into my blog
-- you probably don't even know I have a blog -- but I've posted it at if you
want to see it.

But in your country, you can't vote for an MP without it also being recorded
as a vote for the Prime Ministership. Your political system is so different
from ours that it ill behooves you to make such a comment.


R. Gilson

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