Steve Rice wrote in "Re: Why cross-linguistic world auxiliary language?":
 > 2. What about the incremental approach? A simpler
 > grammar might prove helpful, especially if the
 > language is designed to add non-Western roots later.
 > But start with Western roots, which will give you the
 > initial traction of the traditional method, and adopt
 > non-Western roots as the language spreads. That is
 > both different and rational. Starting out as though
 > you were a century in the future is not.

There's some idea in it, though at first I thought that it wouldn't 
work, because replacing initial words with non-Western words in later 
stages would back-stab the early adopters and they wouldn't just swallow 
it. But you talked about *adding*, not about *replacing*. That's why a 
new language is needed for this endeavour. Tweaking Esperanto or 
complementing Toki Pona would almost certainly arouse a severe 
counter-reaction from their current followers. Do I follow your train of 
thought correctly?

Let's try to be constructive, Dana, Jens and others. Steve has come 
halfway to meet us, the worldlangers. He proposes starting with a 
Euroclone and finishing with a worldlang.

So we could start off with a purely English/Western IAL with very 
limited vocabulary consisting of 118 words (as in Toki Pona) or even up 
to 850 words (as in Basic English). If the language was cool enough, it 
might attract a number of early adopters or even an entire 
self-supporting movement. Since the initial vocabulary would be so tiny, 
there would be plenty of room to complement it with non-Western words 
later. The new words would be added by some central authority (a 
language committee or the author(ship) with dictatorial rights). 
Possibly the members of the movement would introduce new words 
unprompted, so then the job of the central authority would be to direct 
the language to the correct direction, which would be of course towards 
an egalitarian cross-linguistic world language.

Sounds like a feasible plan to me. Anybody with us? James' Kreolingua 
could be a candidate for the Euroclone in the first increment. Or 
ethnically cleansed Neo Patwa by Jens.

Risto Kupsala

Pandunia - a cross-cultural IAL