Dana thinks that the Euroclones have had their day. A more neutral is in 
his taste, as I understand.

The theory that a mix of languages is isier to learn than a language 
with a more coherent vocabulary can be good to test in reality. A 40-ish 
Latvian may have problemes with the Occidental propaganda text "Li 
international congress" even if I, the first time I read it, could 
understand everything, not the least by guessing from context. So the 
ideal had been that my Latvian had understood every word in the text.

So the conclusion must be twofold: One has to think about the target 
group. This is the most important thing. Then one must think about the 
energy (money, time) on can invest in spreading the project and 
interested people, if any.

As long as people often, if not most, learn Eurolanguages like English, 
Spanish, French, German, Russian to a greater extent than any others, 
and even if that's not the case, it is better to promote a Euroclone 
where lots of people, both Europeans and non-Europeans, learn them and 
know their vocabulary. If a majority of those learning our neutral 
worldlang, were experts in Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, not to 
speak about English, Russian and German, then there might be a good idea 
for a worldlang.

A world lang is indeed an idealistic enterprice, but it is a very 
realistic one as well. All depends how you look at it. Wouldn't talking 
about democracy in a dictatorship be idealistic, yet it is necessary.

We are in the happy situation that none of the International Auxiliary 
Languages is so big that it has any real meaning. That gives ample room 
for experimenting. The EuroIAL's are so similar so id doesn't matter 
much as for vocabulary, which one you will chose at last.

It is time we promoted the at sight languages in a better way. I give my 
support to Occidental because I feel this language has the least heavy 
academic burden to carry. I have said that before, Interlingua is fine, 
if you have great scholars and a Romance Language Faculty to refer to. 
Unfortunately most people in Academia are not interested, so we have to 
find assistance somewhere else.

Your choice of language must be dependent from your answer to this 
question: "What can I do?" If you are a heck of a leader and can make 
people follow your advice, then you can well support a Neutral Language 
with vocabulary and grammar from all over the world. You have such a 
strong spirit that you can call together a counsil of top-noch linguists 
to invent your fantastic language and then raise the money to interest 
others than language geeks to learn your favorite language.

And as I realize that I don't have that powers and that money, I find 
that my ability is to promote Occidental.
That will be difficult enough!

It's not that Esperanto is bad. It is quite fine, but I remember from my 
Esperanto time that people were so understanding, but they would start 
learning Esperanto next week. Just "next week" kept going still farther 
into the future.

Kjell R