auliuniv skrev:
> (...)
> Don't you think it is time to wake up about this and try something different?
> I'm going to mention and use Occidental as an example. But, it could be any one of the top 
> five. So, please look at this as an example, and not a promotion of just one language, 
> Occidental.
> Let's say this whole list decided to go with one language, Occidental. What could be done 
> that isn't being done now?
> 1. Everyone, and I mean everyone here, now committed, could begin building separate 
> websites promoting Occidental. [Please exchange Occidental with one of your choice of the 
> top five.]
> 2. Everyone here would begin using Occidental on the auxlang list, to discuss all the same 
> topics, BUT in Occidental.
> 3. Soon, everyone here would become a fluent expert in Occidental.
> 4. Everyone here could begin lessons at local community colleges under the evening adult 
> class schedules. In those, you just sign up, and teach what YOU want, not what the college 
> wants. Then, each catalog of adult classes would have a class advertised in the college 
> catalog, printed and paid for by them, in Occidental. You would teach the enrollees and also 
> get paid for doing so.
> 5. Everyone here could write the media about Occidental as a unit.
> 6. Classes could be set up on the Internet all over the world by the members of this list, each 
> offering it in his/her own language.
> 7. Materials could be written as a group effort to compile books, magazines articles, booklets, 
> etc. to promote the language Occidental.
> 8. Other languages could be taught through Occidental. I.e. As in, instead of learning Italian 
> from an English book, one would learn Italian from an Occidental book, or French, or 
> Speedwords, or Esperanto, etc.
> 9. Local meetings could be promoted by each member of the auxlang list where they are, so 
> that folks could get together for Occidental "fellowship".
> 10. AND, Occidental, [frankly in my opinion, the only IAL that can do it] could be "grown" to 
> the point to include virtually everything ever discussed here that a language should have. 
> Such as, begin adding appropriate words from other languages, especially words that are 
> approching internationality.
> 11. A concerted effort could be done by everyone to produce real articles of current value to 
> be placed on one site on the internet as a world "news" "science" "education", etc. site. I.e. a 
> library of original materials found no where else.
> 12. A specific daily news site, with news feeds from auxlang members all over the world 
> writing up current news of their local areas. Each member would automatically become a 
> news reporter.
> 13. And, more. Versus what we have today, i.e.
> Occidental IMO is the only one ready for this kind of change and improvement without 
> creating another language.
> I frankly believe that if each member on auxlang would seriously and honestly try Occidental, 
> versus looking for faults only, would discover that all the changes can be made right within 
> Occidental to satisfy almost anyone on this list.
> Over the decades Occidental has dropped what didn't work, and added what does. And, it is 
> amenable to modernisation even more.
> I believe that the others are not capable of this, and that only Occidental has a track record to 
> prove it.

If I am not mistaken there are at least 5 languages supported in this 
list. Would you be prepared to do everything to spread Interlingua or 
Esperanto if this list decided for those languages. Probably not. I 
would not, that's for sure.

I have tried to make the world interested in Esperanto. I didn't succeed 
in doing so. People were generally positive, as I have tolde in earlier 
messages. Interlingua has got a chance as well. But I have not been able 
to spread it. Others can, perhaps. Now I shall try Occidental. Let's see 
how that works. Most on this list are probably against using Occidental 
so... I will try on my own or with those who are interested.

I suppose I am one of the few on this list who really has been listening 
to other's arguments and done some thinking on their own.

Now when it is not too important we can experiment with the different 
languages and see which of them will grow. Let the whole garden of IAL's 
flourish. Nature has always been very generous. Some of them will grow 
to a big "oak".

Kjell R