I have tried to make the world interested in Esperanto. I didn't succeed
in doing so. People were generally positive, as I have tolde in earlier
messages. Interlingua has got a chance as well. But I have not been able
to spread it. Others can, perhaps. Now I shall try Occidental. Let's see
how that works. Most on this list are probably against using Occidental
so... I will try on my own or with those who are interested.

I'm for Occidental and I've considered using it myself. I've decided against it so far though because the community is so small which means that eventually a new student is going to encounter Bob and he doesn't promote the language the way it should be. Sometimes he'll go off on a tangent about how Occidental isn't so much a language as a method of internationalizing the vocabulary you already know, but really it's a language and you have to learn it like any other. It's very good though. I consider you and Steve to be the two best proponents of the language.

Bob, I hope you don't mind. It's not a personal attack - I really think you promote Occidental better when you chill. The times where you just write up article after article are the times that I feel most inclined to use it. I've even written a few articles on the occ Wikipedia when nobody was looking.

I've actually considering creating a site in Occ that has nothing about the auxlang community whatsoever, just a few links to learn the language for those that don't know it and the rest of the content to be about pretty much anything else.