[log in to unmask] skrev:
> But it's had 50 years to do that, and hasn't done anything.
> Even if the E.U. adopted it, I doubt it would make it on the WAL
> level because English is already dominating both inside and outside
> Europe.  And *if* the EU adopted it, it would still take too much
> time to propogate within Europe for it to make much difference.  By
> then English will have a stronger hold on the rest of the planet.
> I also have serious doubts about a culturally isolated language
> growing to any large proportions without losing the features that
> make it "easy" to learn and use.  How long before Interlingua starts
> inheriting local idioms and slang from other European languages?
> Something that's almost inevitable given the close cultural and
> linguistic relationships that already exist in this target group.
> It may get everyone speaking one language, but so would English,
> French or Spanish, all of which have real world benefits than can be
> cashed in *today*.
Let's see it from the other side then. Why not just use English and see 
to it that English is tought in all schools. As early as possible. There 
will of course be a lot of "bad English" and "wrong English". Skip all 
those who want to simplify English. The EU-ans will do that on their own!

People will know what is the standard,  provided they are taught about 
it. It is a generation thing.

If people are not forced, they will accept English wholsale.

So we can sit where we are and let history happen...

That's a solution as well, if somebody want solutions!

Kjell R