Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues wrote:
> In this project, let's avoid discussing about controversial issues;
> those would be better kept to AUXLANG. Let's just write down the
> consensual points in an organized fashion. Thus, the mindset is
> different.

Sounds good. In my opinion there should be introduction explaining the
general stance of the worldlangers before going into the linguistic
details. If the manifesto will be printed in papers or handed out to
politicians and common people as well, they have to get the basic idea
first. At least the manifesto should be presented in the language creation
conference that Sai Emry(?) is arranging.

I support Antonielly as the secretary. He writes well. And we got enough
native English speakers to double check it.

By the way, what should we call the manifesto? "Worldlanger manifesto" is
nontransparent auxlang jargon and we are too late to define what "world
language" means for the general public.

-- Risto Kupsala