Bruce skripted:

>But then do you accept tat there are not just the two
alternatives you listed (go with Ido or start my own
language)? There is at least one more: start with an
existing language and reform it so it better meets my
ideals? For this is what I planned to do and still
think is the best choice.

All I would say is that if you are going to take an
existing language as a starting point and reform it,
then you are going to need to know the language inside
out before you start - especially with a language as
good as Novial.  Think about it: Novial was developed
by a famous linguist and interlinguist, Otto
Jespersen.  Who is to say that Bruce Gilson and a
select team of collaborators will be able to improve
on J's work?  It is not impossible, there may be flaws
in Novial or things that could be done even better,
but no team assembled in 2007 is likely to identify
the problems and remedies correctly if they haven't
first, say, used the language in practice, researched
what went before in Novialiste, and really understood
the character of the language.  Your choice of -r at
the time (back in 1998) made me (and others) doubt
whether the NRG really had grasped the essence of the
language and what J was trying to do.

>You know the answer to this one; why did you bother
to ask it. I introduced a POS marker for verbs in 1997
in the Novial reform I was working on at the time,
namely -r. I think that if I came out with a new
Novialide, that part would be unchanged from what we
did in 1997. (There are a few things I might do
differently; this is not one of them.)

I think that going into a new project with the -r as a
given would be a mistake.  Might another member of the
team not come up with a better solution?  Fwiw my
choice of POS marker for verbs would be -a.  That
would generalize the existing default ending and
avoids the shortcomings (as I see it) of the -r.

>OTOH, just because they are -V doesn't mean they have
to be. Ido uses -r for verb infinitives.

Yeah, come to think of it, Ido doesnt have a strict
POS marker for verbs, since -r represents only the
infinitive form.  So by adopting something like -a in
a Novial reform you would actually be stricter than
Ido here.

>The point I am trying to make is that unless
"starting my own" includes making significant but not
unrecognizable changes to an existing language, you
seem to be excluding what for me is the best

All I would say, Bruce, is that I can't see this -r
flying.  I say the same thing to the Espists about
their -j.  Do they listen?  I can't see a future in
which the whole world is going "oj aj ojn ajn ujn", it
just doesn't seem like a credible scenario.  If I can
say that to the Espists, why can't I say the same
thing about the -r?

Kordiale, James Chandler
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