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> Since I do not have as much knowledge as you, I
> volunteer to be the
> "secretary" and "facilitator" that takes notes and 
> the consensus,
> while you are the "experts" that will discuss. If
> you agree with this,
> we can use one of the many Jens' wikis (and Jens
> could create an
> account for me). When the consensus list is
> achieved, everybody
> "signs" the page and we go on to the next issue.

Thanks for this idea. Actually, when I created the
worldvocabulary wiki, I was really thinking of
something like this. For the moment I've started
making word lists to help (not as a definitive choice,
but as a reference work), and I also was thinking of
having some documents discussing the features that
most can agree are good for a worldlang, both
phonology and grammar. So I think we can use that wiki
for this. I've given Antonielly the password, and
Risto and Dana already have it AFAIK. It's quite easy
to create a document and then other people can add
comments, and if something turns out to be a consensus
it can be marked in some way (color or bold or
whatever). If anybody else is interested in
participating please let me know, and I'll send you
the password. 

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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