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> The only big flaw of sambahsa as a
> world language according 
> to the criteria discussed is that it includes nearly
> no word from the "Sinitic 
> group" (I mean Chinese, Japanese, Korean...). I have
> tried to find lists of 
> isoglosses between those languages but none was
> satisfactory in my view. 

Hi Olivier, 

You must be busy with your studies, but just in
response, I do agree at least that Chinese is quite
difficult to incorporate. It has many features that
are so quite different from other language groups, and
this does make it hard to find suitable words. Many of
us face that problem. 

My own opinion, personally, is that your language is
too complex grammatically. For example, having cases
seems unnecessarily complicated to me. I know this is
intentional, because you feel that something
pidgin-like is too simple. So I don't think it is a
matter that is resolved; we have to try out various
ways and see what people find most attractive. 

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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