--- Allan Fineberg <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> It's interesting and at times a bit funny to see how
> many of us here seem to
> delight in dabbling in language creation.  And the
> acrimony that I see
> expressed in what should really be a forum for
> like-minded, and therefore
> presumably sympathetic, people.  Or not?

Not really, because there are different kinds of
people. There are a few people who are simply
genuinely interested in the problem of language
development as an intellectual endeavor. Then there
are people like me, who I think are a majority of
active members, who may have their own project but
also believe we are still in a learning process, and
are interested in talking with others. And then there
is a third group, who are really not interested in
making languages, but are simply supporters of one
language and see this as one battleground. 

Jens Wilkinson
Neo Patwa language:

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