Bob scrit:

>I think you have your enemies in the wrong priority.

So you're saying that Bush is one of my enemies but
just not the biggest one?  That's incredible stuff.

>The fanatics want to kill you James

I'm sure there are lots of people who want to kill me,
Bob, but I don't think they're in Teheran, Natanz or
Isfahan.  If you are going to have a war on terror,
then go after the terrorists.  Where's bin Laden? 
Sitting in his new cave plotting the next 9/11 (if you
believe in fairytales, anyway).  Here's the good news
America: your own NIE states that Iran is 10 years
from having the bomb, so there's no need for Bush to
do anything militarily before the end of his reign.

>and you think Bush is the problem?

No, he's a blight on OUR world.

>The world calls in the USA all the time to fight your

Fyi I have not support a "coalition" military
intervention since 1991.  I guess to find someone like
that in the US you'd have to go to, I don't know, Ron Paul.

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