--- James Chandler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Bob scrit:
> >James, by the way, auxlang is not the only place I
> put out the Occ info.
> Great, I hope you're putting it in front of as many
> WENSA speakers as possible.
> >But here, one can learn very clearly how folks
> stick
> with old arguments long ago disproven
> The point I was trying to make was simply this: what
> is the key strength of Occ that could propel it to
> where Bob wants it to be?  Is it that the derivation
> is superior to Ido's? No.  Is it that the vocab
> choice
> is slightly superior to Ia's? No.  The key strength
> of
> Occ is that hundreds of millions of people can (if
> the
> naturalistic school is right) read Occ with no prior
> study.
> That gives you an audience vastly bigger and more
> significant than this paltry little pie that we call
> the IAL movement.  It seems to me that if Occ tries
> to
> compete with Esp, Ido, Ia on their terms, it will
> likely go nowhere.  If, OTOH, Bob were to take Occ
> out
> to a much wider audience, Occ could conceivably
> overtake the other IALs overnight.
> Why do we fight over the same small pie, rather than
> taking the idea out to people who have never even
> heard of IALs?

Kjell has made this point many times, and he's more
likely to follow through. As Jay might ask, "Why
bother?" with this specific line?

I have had some success with the "at-sight" strategy,
though most recently it's been with LFN.
> >Besides, when did auxlang list become a "pablum"
> place?
> Sorry, what is a "pablum"?

A variant of "pabulum": in this case, bland, insipid
writing that is the verbal equivalent of baby food.


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