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>  wrote:
> >You'll notice that when Hebrew was revived the
> 'what about making it
> >easy for Russian/Polish/American Jews?' was nowhere
> on the list.
> It was not consciously "on the list" but Ben-Yehuda,
> the person most
> responsible for the revival of Hebrew, unconsciously
> altered the language in
> the direction of European languages with which he
> was familiar. I have seen
> modern Israeli Hebrew described as a relexified
> version of a European
> language, with many changes from traditional
> Biblical Hebrew grammar.  (See,
> e. g.

There's also the fact that Hebrew is based more on
medieval rabbinical Hebrew than on the classical
language, so there's influence from Aramaic. But many
of the differences are subtle: Niph`al was originally
medio-passive voice, but I think now it's a straight
passive. Anyway, this is why I don't take too
seriously biblical exegesis from "a speaker of
Hebrew"; it would be like having a modern
English-speaker explain the fine points of
Shakespeare's usage or some quirk of the King James
version. Unless he's specially trained, it's for
entertainment purposes only.


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