Tum te tum...I wonder what's in that book. Probably tons of interesting stuff.


2007/11/7, MacLeod Dave <[log in to unmask] >:
Bah, I think being in Korea makes me ineligible to read the pdf. Can't find links to any of these books. I don't suppose someone would be kind enough to send me the pdf for Langue Internationale Neo-Latine?

2007/11/7, Franz Sledge <[log in to unmask]>:
I would like to assemble of list of auxlang/conlang books that can be
downloaded from the Google Books project. Here is what I have for a start.
I'm sure I have missed a lot. Pointers to others appreciated.

Langue Internationale Neo-Latine

Ru Ro

Dictionary of Ro

Diksionar de Idiom Neutral

Volaspodel [a Volapük periodical]

Volapük, an easy Method of Acquiring...

Abridged Grammar of Volapük

Volapük, a Monthly Journal

Elementargrammatik... Weltsprache Pasilingua

Esperanto in 50 Lessons by Privat