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Bruce skripted:

>What I was asking, and you still haven't answered, is
whether, in your advice to me to either go to Ido or
start my own language, you are trying to close off the
one solution that I see as the best one

I'm not trying to close off any solution for you,
Bruce.  I think you have to recognize that in IAL
design there will always be trade-offs, things that
don't work well together, some choices to be made.
Choices to be made, of course. If there were no choices to be made, we would all have been able to agree on ONE auxlang long ago. I'm not sure there are as many "trade-offs" as you imply; very often solving one problem, rather than creating new ones, actually solves others. I felt this was so with the -r: not only did it clearly mark verbs, but it eliminated the need for the -ir- suffix in N20/30.

>to start a language that uses the best ideas from
existing ones, which in my mind means most of the
ideas come from Novial because Novial is in my mind
the best of the existing ones.

It sounds a lot like a Novial reform.  As I say, if
you take AIL + NL as the starting point, I would say
that is a Novial reform.  If it walks like a duck, and
quacks like a duck, then it's a duck.
I was willing to consider it a Novial reform in 1998. Others thought it was too far removed. But then do you accept tat there are not just the two alternatives you listed (go with Ido or start my own language)? There is at least one more: start with an existing language and reform it so it better meets my ideals? For this is what I planned to do and still think is the best choice.

>The reason I did not mention that is that I was
specifically listing those features of "my new
language" that WERE in Novial.

OK, so do you have a POS marker in mind for verbs?  Or
is this something that would be decided later on?
You know the answer to this one; why did you bother to ask it. I introduced a POS marker for verbs in 1997 in the Novial reform I was working on at the time, namely -r. I think that if I came out with a new Novialide, that part would be unchanged from what we did in 1997. (There are a few things I might do differently; this is not one of them.)

>IIRC it was -ri

-CV seems to be an unusual shape for POS markers.
Generally they are -V.
When I did Novulinge, I was less familiar with what is "generally" done. OTOH, just because they are -V doesn't mean they have to be. Ido uses -r for verb infinitives.

>You seem to be trying to be unwilling to let me "do
what [I] think best"

I'm not here to stop you doing anything.  I'm merely
giving my opinion, which is all I can do.  I'm not
sure why you seem to see me as such an obstacle to
your plans.
Frankly, I do not see you as an obstacle to my plans, because I don't see you as having the power to stop me from what I do. But you seem to have taken a position that (and I quote) "in your position you have two realistic options: go with Ido or start your own language." The point I am trying to make is that unless "starting my own" includes making significant but not unrecognizable changes to an existing language, you seem to be excluding what for me is the best alternative.

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